Quality outdoor wooden products Christchurch and throughout NZ

Frances Moore, outdoor wooden products Christchurch

Unique designs with a smile

Frances Moore is the owner and founder of Kiwi Wood. She loves working outdoors – loves designing and working with timber– and loves working with people. The combination of these fuels the passion and inspiration behind her work. Frances prides herself in delivering the highest quality outdoor wooden products Christchurch and around NZ. And, she creates some of the most unique designs in the market.

Frances grew up on a farm and later worked in the timber industry for a number of years. This lead her to completing a national certificate in furniture making and sparked the beginning of Kiwi wood in 2013. From there Frances has never looked back! She quickly extended her product range and then moved to Kaiapoi in 2015. Customers can visit the Kiwi Wood workshop and display yard to visualise how products will look in their own setting at home.

“My aim has always been to produce top quality at competitive prices, making something that will last and that people will enjoy”

Kiwi Wood now offers the largest range of outdoor tables in the industry, with four styles in a range of sizes. Frances is always striving to improve her designs and manufacturing to produce top quality at competitive prices. She loves creating unique designs and goes the extra mile working with custom sizes where needed. Products are made from dressed top grade treat pine and built on site in Kaiapoi.

For outdoor wooden products Christchurch and Nationwide contact Frances today or view the online catalogue to see the full range Kiwi Wood products.